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Student loans in Bulgaria

Student loans in Bulgaria: tuition fees loans available under special conditions for students and doctoral European students. Bulgarian student loans cover tuition fees and living costs (only in case you have a baby or you decide to adopt a child during your studies).

Student loans in Bulgaria are valuables to Bulgarian citizens, citizens of other European Union (EU) countries and countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway, Confederation of Switzerland, and Lichtenstein), who simultaneously meet the following requirements:
• are not older than 35;
• is a regular undergraduate (Bachelor) or graduate (Master or Doctoral students) at the accredited state or private university;
• are not in possession of the same degree;
• are not exmatriculated (removed or suspended from their studies);
• Have dependents (in case of a baby or adoption of a child during the studies);

Where to apply for a student loan in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian student loans are available through financial institutions (banks) which have been approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science (MOMN) to provide student loans to undergraduate and doctoral students without a guarantor. By now, the approved banks are:

  • Bank DSK EAD;
  • Raiffeisenbank EAD;
  • Allianz Bank AD;
  • Еurobank AD;

The total amount of the loan, interest included, shall be paid back in equal monthly installments within 10 years starting from one year and one month after the date of their official graduation. This condition is based on the assumption that one year after graduation, graduates will be employed. Former students can pay their loans back earlier without additional fees due. The interest rate is fixed at 7%.

Tuition fees and student loans available in Bulgaria:

New or current students can apply for tuition fee student loans in Bulgaria provide that they fulfill the above requirements.
To withdraw a loan, current students must submit to one of the above-mentioned banks an official document stating that they are university students. This document must contain personal details of, the semester in which they study, the amount of the tuition fee, degree, and so on.
As for new applicants, they have to pay the university tuition fee for the first semester and get a document certifying that they have been accepted to apply with this statement together with the receipt for paid semester fee; the student can apply to a specific university. These documents along with the request are presented to one of the banks which in general approves in 5 working days.

Student loans in Bulgaria for European bachelor’s, Master and Doctoral study students are mainly available for medical studies Hospitality, and economic studies.  

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