Admission requirements for Sofia Medical University

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In order to take part in the admission process the foreign EU & EEA applicant will have:
• To have completed their high/secondary school education (12-years education) and to have obtained a Diploma which gives them the right to apply in Universities in the country of origin of the secondary/high school;
• To have studied, completed, and obtained marks in Biology and Chemistry in high school they have attended.
• The applicants should have taken Biology and Chemistry courses with an average score of not less than 62% of the maximum one based on the grading system in the country of origin of the secondary (high) school they have attended.
Applicants who have failing marks in any of the above-mentioned two subjects in their secondary school document will not take part in the admission process.
Elective Biology and Chemistry marks will not be considered.
Applicants with BTEC, Foundation, and Bio-Medical Science qualifications will not be admitted.
Applicants which have Science, Additional Science, etc. instead of Biology and Chemistry in their high school diplomas and certificates will have to provide a letter (legalized, translated, and certified) from their high schools indicating what is included in these disciplines.
• To sit entrance tests in Biology and Chemistry;
The applicants who have failing marks in any of the entry tests will not participate in the ranking for admission.
In an attempt of cheating or any other fraud during the exam the applicant’s participation in the admission process, 2021 will be canceled.
• To submit the application documents set within the stipulated deadline – by 16 July 2021, UK citizens – by 07 September 2021.
• Non-EU and non-EEA citizens must have Visa type D for residing for study in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
• The University sends the original set and one copy set to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.
• In case the application documents are approved the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science issues an Admittance Certificate to the applicants within a month and sends it to the University.
• The applicants apply for visas at the Bulgarian Embassy in their countries presenting the Certificate.
IMPORTANT for Applicants with Indian Citizenship:
The Ministry of External Affairs of India informs of the requirement of the Medical Council of India on the eligibility for the training of Indian citizens in foreign medical universities. According to this resolution, in force from 2018, every Indian citizen intending to receive medical education abroad should meet the corresponding eligibility criteria by passing the required test (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test: and obtaining an Eligibility Certificate stating that the person covers the requirements for training in a medical university (Eligibility Criteria for admission to the MBBS course). The official note states that these certificates are valid for 3 years.
In connection with the above information, for the academic year 2021/2022, the Bulgarian Consular Service in New Delhi will require the Eligibility Certificate for the submission of long-term study visa documents by applicants in the specialty of Medicine.
IMPORTANT: In case the admitted students have not enrolled in the stipulated period due to visa delay, they may enroll in preparatory English/Bulgarian course by 29 October 2021, if they have the visa D by that time. In this case next year, they will have to take part in the new admission campaign and sit entry exams again.


Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022-min
Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022 for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

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