Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria entrance exam test date

Sofia Medical University has officially announced the entrance exam date for all candidates who want to study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in English in Bulgaria for the academic year 2021-2022.

All EU citizens will have to admit their documents in the administration of Sofia Medical University until 08.09.2021.
The entrance exam in English language , Biology and Chemistry will be on the 11.09.2021
The results of the entry exam will be announced on 13.09.2021

All NON EU citizens will have to admit their documents until 30.09.2021
The entrance exam in Sofia Medical University, in English, Biology and Chemistry will be on 09.10.2021.

All candidates who received a type D visa and have arrived in the country by 07.10.2021. All other, who come to the country after that date will be signed in a preparatory study year in the Department of Language Training and Sports / DEOS / at the Medical University – Sofia in English or in Bulgarian speaking course according to their choice.
The results of the entrance exam for all NON EU citizens will be announced on the 11.10.2021.

The exam will take place in the campus of the university.

Every candidate will have more than enough time to finish the exam.

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