How to transfer to a Bulgarian medical university?

transfer to Bulgarian university

Bulgaria is the best country for medical students who want to transfer to Medical University Sofia, Medical University Varna, Sofia University Saint Kliment Ohridski, Pleven Medical University, Trakia University- Stara Zagora, and Medical University Plovdiv.
There are hundreds of students who want to transfer to any medical university in Bulgaria.

There are different kinds of reasons why:

  • The difficulty of adjusting to the academic environment
  • Maybe an inability to follow the courses
  • Maybe a lack of financial resources. There is a minimum one-semester requirement for all students who want to transfer to a Bulgarian medical university.
    Every transfer student should present an academic transcript with grades and all courses, also hours and credits.
    The programs of different universities are very different one from another, so as a result in some cases the transfers may not be approved.
    The more similar the programs are, the higher the chance for acceptance.
    Transfer students from Ukraine to Bulgaria. Due to the war in Ukraine, there are hundreds of medical students from Ukraine who want to transfer to medical universities in Bulgaria. Our team is available for all candidates.
    All medical transfer students who want to transfer to medical universities in Bulgaria should get in touch with our team. Our support team is going to provide you with all the details that you need. The biggest advantage for all transfer students is that in Bulgaria they will be able to continue their studies without any problems. All students who graduate successfully have an internationally valid diploma. Bulgaria is very famous for its perfect quality of education. It is also one of the cheapest countries to study in the EU. All transfer students will have to pass all exams, which are missing from their academic transcripts, so they can be equal to all other students.
    For more information, please get in touch with us.
Pleven Medical University
Pleven Medical University. 

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