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Pleven Medical University entrance exam dates.

It is an important day for people who want to study Medicine at one of the best medical Universities in Bulgaria, Pleven Medical University. The entry exam for admission in Medicine (the degree takes six years and it is entirely in the English language) takes place today on the main campus of the University! Pleven entry exam dates 2022

Application procedure: for the study programs with courses taught in English, in order to be admitted, the candidates have to take an entrance exam consisting of multiple-choice questions from biology and chemistry. These applicants are evaluated by a committee appointed by each faculty by analysing the documents included in the application files. 

The University has all theoretical, pre-clinical, and clinical departments required for higher medical education. Up to date, more than 6000 Bulgarian and foreign students from over 30 countries have graduated from the University. The current number of students is 2044. 275 of them are foreign students, including 78 of Indian nationality – the biggest community of foreign students at the university. Other international students are coming from the following countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, Albania, Cyprus, Congo, Syria, Algeria, USA, Japan, Great Britain, and France. Pleven entry exam dates 2022

English language proficiency is demonstrated by the inclusion in the application file of an internationally recognised language certificate. 

Pleven Medical University – Pleven has announced the entrance exam dates for 2022.

The entry exam 2022 for veterinary medicine at Forestry University Sofia will be done online.

These are the Dates for online entry exams: 16.09.2022 and 14.11.2022. 

All candidates who want to study veterinary medicine in English in Bulgaria can apply using iGeneration Agency services.

The entrance exam will be of two components- test questions in Biology and English.

Admission requirements to Pleven Medical University

There should be a very good wifi connection, a video camera, and a computer.

The Bachelor Degree is a 6 years program that is done fully in English.

The Bulgarian language is not needed.

All candidates who graduate from the Medical University of Pleven will get an internationally recognized certificate of a MASTER DEGREE IN MEDICINE.

The admission requirements for veterinary medicine at Pleven Medical University are:

  1. High school leaving certificate with grades in Biology and Chemistry
  2. Eligibility letter from the high school
  3. Medical report 

The registration of all candidates is done a maximum of one week before the entrance exam date.

Pleven Medical University
Pleven Medical University entrance exam.

Technical Requirements: 

Network connection with parameters not less than 20 Mbps speed of download and 20 Mbps speed of upload. 

Recommended browsers for access to the distant exams platform of MU – Pleven: last versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

After successful registration in the Registration system, the applicant will receive an e-mail with more details such as username, password, and further login instructions.

All candidates who want to study Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary in Bulgaria must apply as soon as possible, this is the only way that they can have enough time to prepare for the entrance exam.

The university offers students dormitories. However, most of the students prefer to rent a private apartment.

The living costs are really cheap. Students who are studying in Bulgaria are allowed to work during their education.

For students, who are coming outside of the European Union, the team of iGeneration Agency will help to get a student Visa type D.

If you want to study medicine or veterinary medicine at Pleven Medical University you can take up to 2 entry exams and you can use your highest result. The final ranking will be announced on the 2nd of September 2022.

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