Study dentistry in English

Do you want to study dentistry in Sofia, Plovdiv or Varna in Bulgaria?

If you want to study dentistry in Bulgaria, you need to know that the duration of the course for undergraduates is 6 years. Of them there are 11 semesters and one semester internship.

You can find more details for the dentistry course in our web page here.

Which Universities Offer Dentistry in Bulgaria?

There are 3 universities in Bulgaria, which offer dentistry in English:

1. Sofia Medical University

2. Plovdiv Medical University

3. Varna Medical University

The university in Plovdiv has the highest number of British students in Bulgaria so far.

On the other hand the university in Varna has the highest number of German students in Bulgaria so far.

Sofia Medical University has students from all around the world.

What are the Undergraduate Entry Requirements?

The best thing about studying in Bulgaria are the entry requirements.

All you need is your GCSE or A levels in Biology and Chemistry.

Of course iGeneration Agency will do absolutely everything for you, from preparation of the whole package of documents, preparation for the entrance exam, personally our team will admit all your documents in the university and we will register your for the entrance exam.

Later on, after you are accepted, our team will find you the best apartment, walking distance from the university and provide you with a full support for the relocation process.

Is there an entrance exam?

If you want to study dentistry in Bulgaria, you will need to sit an entrance exam.

Our company will provide you with a perfect preparation for it. This way we can guarantee your successful admission as a dentistry student in Bulgaria.

If I study dentistry in Bulgaria, do I have to study Bulgarian language?

Do not worry, the whole course will be only in English language.

No matter if you study dentistry in Sofia Medical University, Varna Medical University or Plovdiv Medical University you will have the whole course in English language.

Will I get an certificate, which is GMC approved?

All students, who graduate in Bulgaria will receive an internationally valid certificate.

It will be recognised not only by the GMC, but also all around the world.

If we have to make a summary of  Why Study Dentistry in Bulgaria.

Studying dentistry in Bulgaria is an excellent choice, because the tuition fees are the cheapest in Europe, the quality of the education is very high, the certificate is internationally recognised and the education is fully in English language.


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