Varna Medical University entrance exam dates

Varna Medical University Entrance Exam Dates.

Welcome to Medical University-Varna – one of the most modern and high-tech universities in the country! The attractive multinational environment, state-of-the-art training methods and facilities, real-world and simulation training, wonderful sports, and recreation conditions in the Sea Capital of Bulgaria – are just a few of the reasons why students from approximately 50 countries all over the world have chosen to study at Medical University-Varna! The Varna Medical University boasts more than a half-century-long history and traditions. However, it skillfully intertwines classic models of training with the most cutting-edge technologies and methods. The lecturers at Medical University-Varna are prominent specialists in their fields, presenting the University at numerous international scientific events, and guest lecturers at scores of foreign universities. The first and only University in Bulgaria which introduced EFQM® (European Foundation for Quality Management) Business Excellence Model in 2008 – the Medical University in Varna provides uncompromising quality in education, and the diplomas awarded by the University are recognized in all European countries. Varna entry exam dates

iGeneration Agency has helped many students successfully gain a place to study medicine and dentistry at Varna Medical University over the years and this year will be no different!

It is an important day for people who want to study Medicine at one of the best medical Universities in Bulgaria, Varna Medical University. The entry exam for admission in Medicine (the degree takes six years and it is entirely in the English language) takes place on the main campus of the University! Varna entry exam dates 2022

The exam is administered online and includes questions of various formats, such as true/false questions, definitions and explanations, and multiple-choice questions.
Each test lasts one hour and thirty minutes.
Varna Medical University offers several entry exam dates and has published a textbook with sample exam questions to make this application process less stressful for all applicants.

Applicants are allowed to retake the exam and are later ranked according to their grades as a final step of the admission process.

Varna is Bulgaria’s third-largest city and one of the most international places to live!
Local and international students are welcome at Varna Medical University, Varna University of Management, the Naval Academy, the University of Economics, and other higher education institutions.

The city itself is a popular summer tourist destination – Varna International Airport offers flights to and from cities all over the world, making travel very convenient!

English language proficiency is demonstrated by the inclusion in the application file of an internationally recognized language certificate. 

Varna Medical University –  has announced the entrance exam dates for 2022.

The requirements for the Programmes in Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy in English for the 2022 admission tests in Chemistry and Biology will consist of FIVE sections:

Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions

Four proposed answers will be given for every question, as candidates should mark only ONE answer. All questions carry equal marks. If the candidate marks more than one answer, he/she will receive NO MARKS for that question. No marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

Section B: Gap Filling Questions

Each test item has four missing words or terms. In this section, the candidates are required to write the most appropriate words or terms that may fill the gaps.

Section C: Matching Questions

The candidates will be asked to match each item from column 1 with those given in column 2.

Section D: True/False Questions

These questions require a candidate to assess whether the presented statement is true or false.

Section E: Definitions and Explanations

The candidates will be asked to briefly explain certain Chemical or Biological concepts as well as to provide samples where applicable.

The duration of each test (Biology and Chemistry) is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Both of the tests are conducted on the same date, couple of times on different dates during the application period.

Varna entry exam dates 2022


  • April 02, 2022
  • May 12, 2022
  • June 18, 2022
  • July 23, 2022
  • August 18, 2022
  • September 01, 2022

The registration for the entrance tests will be carried out online at the University website by the applicants themselves or by their authorized representative.

Applicants who are in their last year of high school (and who have studied Biology and Chemistry subjects on the secondary school level) are also eligible to sit the Entry tests, even before obtaining their leaving certificates (high school diploma). They will further need to submit the rest of the required application documents.

Only applicants whose e-applications got the status “successfully registered” will be allowed to sit the Entry tests. Applications with the status “pending validation”, “incomplete” or “draft” will not be allowed to write the tests.

The online application system for 2022 Fall Entry will open in February, 2022. To access the online platform for submission of your e-application, simply click on the following: and Register. 

Admission requirements to Varna Medical University

There should be a very good wifi connection, a video camera, and a computer.

The Bachelor Degree is a 6 years program that is done fully in English.

The Bulgarian language is not needed.

All candidates who graduate from the Medical University of Varna will get an internationally recognized certificate of a MASTER DEGREE IN MEDICINE.

The admission requirements at Varna Medical University are:

  1. High school leaving certificate with grades in Biology and Chemistry
  2. Grades from Biology and Chemistry, Non EU citizens – more than 62% from both subjects
  3. Eligibility letter from the high school
  4. Medical report 

The registration of all candidates is done a maximum of one week before the entrance exam date.

Varna Medical University
Study in Varna Medical University

Varna entry exam dates 2022

Technical Requirements: 

Network connection with parameters not less than 20 Mbps speed of download and 20 Mbps speed of upload. 

Recommended browsers for access to the distant exams platform of MU-Varna: last versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

After successful registration in the Registration system, the applicant will receive an e-mail with more details such as username, password, and further login instructions.

All candidates who want to study Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary in Bulgaria must apply as soon as possible, this is the only way that they can have enough time to prepare for the entrance exam.

The university offers students dormitories. However, most of the students prefer to rent a private apartment.

The living costs are really cheap. Students who are studying in Bulgaria are allowed to work during their education.

For students, who are coming outside of the European Union, the team of iGeneration Agency will help to get a student Visa type D.

If you want to study medicine or dentistry at Varna Medical University you can take up to 2 entry exams and you can use your highest result.

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