Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia

Study Medicine in Europe? Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia.

Serbia`s second-largest metropolis is a lively city of curious contrasts and the central city of southern Serbia at the intersection of the roads of the East and West with a high number of university students.  Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

Nis Constantine the Great airport (INI) is located within 3 miles of the city center and serves up to 450,000 passengers per year. The national flag carrier of Serbia “Air Serbia” offers DIRECT flights from Nis to airports such as Belgrade, Frankfurt, Cologne, Istanbul, Athens etc. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

Niš is very well connected by road since it is situated at a European crossroads. The European highway E-75 coming from Hungary branches in two directions near Niš: towards the south, Macedonia and Greece (E-80) and towards the east, along Nišava valley, toward Bulgaria, Turkey and further on to the Middle East. Extending from Niš there are also roads to the northwest (toward, Kladovo and Timisoara in Romania) and the southwest (toward the Adriatic Sea). Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia.

The Faculty of Medicine in Nis was founded by the Law on Universities, which was adopted by the then National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on 18 May 1960. That year, 142 students were enrolled in the medical section and 62 in the dental section. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

The Faculty of Medicine in Niš offers very comprehensive and in-depth medical and clinical degrees. The graduates of the Faculty are well recognized and respected all over the world and a large number of them are working today as doctors in the most developed health care systems in Europe and in the USA. Our brand new clinical center opened in December 2017 and is considered to be the most advanced in the country and in the region offering a wide range of facilities and cutting-edge technologies for diagnostics, imaging, and treatment. Niš is a beautiful historic city dating back to Roman times with 400 000 inhabitants. It has an international airport, a multicultural community, and vibrant social life and is an enjoyable destination to have a good work-life balance during a demanding medical degree. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia.

Niš University was established in 1965 and now has 14 different faculties!
The Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Technology, and the Faculty of Economics are among them.

They all provide a variety of interesting Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs.
The university uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and has internationally recognized diplomas!

Our team can assist students in their first, second, third, fourth, or fifth year! This means that if you study Medicine abroad in Ukraine but you would like to apply for admission somewhere else, you do not have to lose a year or pass your exams again – you will simply continue your studies abroad. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

iGeneration Agency has helped many students successfully gain a place to study medicine at Nis Medical University over the years and this year will be no different!

It is an important day for people who want to study Medicine at one of the best medical Universities in Serbia, Nis Medical University The entry exam for admission in Medicine (the degree takes six years and it is entirely in the English language) takes place on the main campus of the University!  Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia.



Please note: Candidates need to meet the high school diploma requirements and complete the application form, will then be ranked based on the written entrance exam score.


In order to be considered for admission the following is required for all applicants:

  1. Application form – filled out. Application forms are available from the Office of Student Affairs and online as interactive fillable form (editable PDF) which you can fill, print and sign.
  2. Birth certificate and notarized translation into the Serbian language.
  3. Provide a certificate that demonstrates completion of high school degree or equivalent. Original transcripts of all years from the High School and a High School Diploma accompanied by notarized translation into Serbian. Please note that for each document three notarized copies in total are necessary for admission. Two copies and original documents for the purpose of recognition of foreign documents submitted at Ministry of Education in Serbia, and one copy for the Faculty of Medicine, along with the certificate from the Ministry of Education stating that the nostrification process is under way, submitted at the Office of Student Affairs (Head Building, first floor).
  4. Photocopy of the passport (page with photo and personal data).
  5. Certificate demonstrating competence in English language (Any certificate issued by foreign language Schools/Institutes for foreign languages will be accepted). Applicants from native English speaking countries are excluded from this requirement. Faculty of Medicine Nis in its admission practice complies with federal non-discrimination laws relating to nationality, religion, citizenship, race, sex, age.
  6. Proof of payment for the 50 EUR application fee (Payment instructions are received directly from the Office of Student Affairs upon submission of documents).
  7. Pass the Faculty of Medicine Nis entrance exam that consists of chemistry and biology questions. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

All documents should be translated and notarized by the certified court interpreter(s) in the Republic of Serbia and must be submitted at the Office of Student Affairs during the submission of documents timeframe.

Applicants who finished High School In Serbia are excluded from any requirements that pertain to translation of documents or submission of High School documents at the Ministry of Education in Serbia.

For the registration, accepted applicants need the following:

  1. Registration form
  2. Two Photographs.
  3. Student’s Course and Grade Book (“Index”).
  4. Student’s Registration Form (“ŠV Obrazac”)
  5. Proof of payment of the tuition fee (2750 EUR) for the first semester of studies (Payment instructions are received directly from the Office of Student Affairs).
  6. Medical certificate (Students Policlinics Nis).
  7. Health insurance for the current academic year (international health Insurance, issued in students’ own country, or in Serbia by relevant insurance company)
  8. Students’ visa issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

Applicants who are in their last year of high school (and who have studied Biology and Chemistry subjects on the secondary school level) are also eligible to sit the Entry tests, even before obtaining their leaving certificates (high school diploma). They will further need to submit the rest of the required application documents. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

The ranking score for medical applicants to the University of Nis is based on Biology and Chemistry entrance exams.

While your diploma’s score is not included in the ranking results, you must have high grades in the science subjects to be considered as an applicant to the university.

Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia
Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia, Study Medicine in Europe.

University of Nis Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the Medical Doctor degree are € 5500 per year.

The online preparatory courses in Biology and Chemistry cost €500 each.

In addition, Serbian language courses cost another €500 per semester. The A1 and A2 introductory levels last a semester each, and they consist of 15 classes per week (45 min per class). All subsequent proficiency levels are only 9 classes per week.

Accreditation of the Medical University of Nis Serbia. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

By graduating from the medical faculty at the University of Nis, you earn worldwide recognition of the degree and the choice to continue your studies or start practicing anywhere. 

The University of Nis has worldwide recognition from the World Health Organisation through the World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the school has existed for more than 50 years, and it is licensed by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Republic of Serbia.

Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia
Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia, Study Medicine in Europe. Transfer from Ukraine to Serbia 2022

All candidates who want to study Medicine in Serbia must apply as soon as possible, this is the only way that they can have enough time to prepare for the entrance exam.

The university offers students dormitories. However, most of the students prefer to rent a private apartment.

The living costs are really cheap. Students who are studying in Bulgaria are allowed to work during their education.

For students, who are coming outside of the European Union, the team of iGeneration Agency will help to get a student Visa type D.

If you want to study medicine or dentistry at Varna Medical University you can take up to 2 entry exams and you can use your highest result.

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