Study in Bulgaria after Brexit

Study in Bulgaria after Brexit in 2022.

You are from the United Kingdom and you wish to study abroad in Bulgaria in 2021? iGeneration Agency Team is here to assist you!

As you already know, on 31 December 2020 the transition period comes to an end and the UK will leave the European Union. You may be wondering how this will affect your application or status as a student abroad in Bulgaria, so we have prepared answers to some frequently asked questions. As always, do not hesitate to contact iGeneration Team if there are any further questions – we will be more than happy to assist you!

Study in Bulgaria after Brexit
Study in Bulgaria after Brexit in 2022 / Study medicine, Study in Bulgaria.

1. Will Brexit affect my application process?

Brexit will have an impact on the application process (particularly the number of application documents required) we need to make sure that you submit the application documents according to the university’s requirements before the application deadline

Keep in mind that your application will also include an application for a study VISA (VISA Type D). Rest assured our team has more than enough experience and will assist with the citizenship as well.

2. Will Brexit affect my admission chances? 

The entrance exams will still play an important role when it comes to successful university admission and students will be ranked according to their results – this is why we provide our applicants with excellent exam preparation! Universities have not announced that there will be a specific number only for non-EU nationals applying for admission, so for now non-EU applicants have the same chance for admission as EU nationals. 

3. How will Brexit affect my relocation to Bulgaria?

Our office is in Bulgaria and our team members are from Bulgaria. This means: Don’t worry about a thing! Our team will assist with the needed documents and preparation so the whole process would be done smoothly.

4. How will Brexit affect the recognition of my degree abroad?

Bulgaria is part of the European Union, so if you graduate here, your diploma will definitely allow you to work abroad after graduation! Keep in mind that the recognition process in the UK after 1 January 2021 will be based on qualifications, rather on nationality. 

If you study Medicine in English in Bulgaria: Graduates will be able to register with GMC, but their qualifications will have to be independently verified before GMC. Students will not have to sit the PLAB exam (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Exam). The information is officially confirmed by the GMC

If you study Dentistry in English in Bulgaria: People who graduate no later than 31 December 2022 will have the advantage of a near-automatic recognition of the Bulgarian diploma. There is no update about the recognition steps for people who graduate after 1 January 2023, but we believe that the Bulgarian diploma will allow students to work in the UK after graduation. The information is officially confirmed by the GDC.

If you would like to discuss the recognition of the diploma abroad or any additional exams you may need to sit in order to work abroad, contact iGeneration Team and take advantage of a FREE consultation with our team!

Study in Bulgaria after Brexit
Study in Bulgaria after Brexit in 2022 / Study medicine, Study in Bulgaria,

Study in Bulgaria after Brexit in 2022. Become a student in 2022 and graduate with Medical Diploma.

All candidates who want to study Medicine in Bulgaria From the UK must apply as soon as possible, this is the only way that they can have enough time to prepare for the entrance exam.

The university offers students dormitories. However, most of the students prefer to rent a private apartment.

The living costs are really cheap. Students who are studying in Bulgaria are allowed to work during their education.

For students, who are coming outside of the European Union, the team of iGeneration Agency will help to get a student visa type D.


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