4 Important Factors Before Moving to a European University

4 Important Factors Before Moving to a European University

What are the Important Factors Before Moving to a European University? So you’ve decided to study in Europe, you’ve submitted an application, or have already been accepted. I know what you’re going through. The fear of going to study abroad, the uneasiness from the unknown, all that stuff.

I want to present to you 4 important things to consider before you go to study medicine or dentistry at a European university.

4 Important Factors Before Moving to a European University
4 Important Factors Before Moving to a European University

Factor #1 – Packing Your Stuff

Remember, you don’t need to transfer your whole room to your new living space! Take only what you need most. One tip I can give you is that you can mail bigger to save some money. I have a friend that sends his guitar when he goes to his university abroad and always mails it back when he returns.

I reckon the most important things to pack would be: Important Factors Before Moving to a European University

  • Clothing

Make sure you have the appropriate clothes for the weather that’s expecting you. Some shopping beforehand won’t hurt.

  • Electronics

The obvious one. That would include a cell phone, laptop, chargers, USB cables, flash drives, portable hard disks etc.

  • Stationery

Pretty straightforward. You can buy the things you need from everywhere anyway.

  • Kitchen Items

Coffee machines, blenders and whatever else you like. I always take my egg cooker with me.

  • Bathroom Supplies

Don’t forget your toiletry bag!

Factor #2 – Documentation

You are going to study abroad. You’d obviously need a lot of paperwork and documentation. If you’re a non-EU student you should also have a visa of course. Typically most of this part would be handled by your educational consultant agency but double-check everything that you need before you leave.

If you somehow forget some piece of paper there’s always the option to have it mailed to you.

Factor #3 – Your New Location / Important Factors Before Moving to a European University

This one is perhaps the most fun of all. Simply get to know the place where you are going! Where is it located, are there any fun activities, what other nationalities are there etc. Take it as if you’re going on a holiday. Mark out any places you wish to visit.

I have friends that went to study abroad and when they came back for the summer break they couldn’t tell me anything about the city whatsoever. It’s as if they’ve never been there. I believe this all together gives you a hard time and leads to frustration.

When I went to study abroad I couldn’t keep myself from exploring the city and sightseeing. This made me feel significantly happier and helped me love the place I was at.

Factor #4 – New Lifestyle

This one is tricky and you should approach it with caution. Your life will nonetheless change. You’ll live in a totally different place and you’ll meet lots of new people.

Life at university is inevitably filled with partying, which includes drinking, smoking and even drug-taking. Although when you study medicine it’s a little bit different because you’re supposed to kill yourself from studying. But no matter, people would still party and you need to be aware of the dangers.

4 Important Factors Before Moving to a European University
4 Important Factors Before Moving to a European University

We all love to have fun but some people forget why they’ve gone abroad in the first place. The best parties are the ones held after an achievement. Try to live by this motto and you’ll never have a problem. Study hard, party hard!

Those were the 4 most important factors that you have to consider when going to study abroad, examine them thoroughly and you’d be prepared for everything that’s going to come in your way!

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