6 Top Medical Universities in Bulgaria

6 Top Medical Universities in Bulgaria? In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 5 universities in Bulgaria. They have been ranked quite impressively on the national rankings and have been performing quite decently on international rankings. So, let us dive into this topic right away and find out what needs to be known.

There are several reasons students choose Bulgaria for their studies. Some of these requirements include low tuition fees and very low living expenses in the country.

The cheap tuition fees of their universities and their very much easier entry requirements and most importantly their internationally recognized degree.

Bulgaria is not only known for its low tuition fees but equally for its high-quality education. Bulgaria is located in the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union.

There are a lot of educational opportunities for students who wish to advance in their careers.

They have professionals in terms of teachers, brand new campus buildings, internship opportunities during the period of study, and multiple partnering universities where you can choose to study for a semester or two during your period of study.

Every diploma and degree obtained in a Bulgarian university is valid and recognized in the whole EU and many countries around the world.

1. Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski – Faculty of Medicine

Simply called Sofia University, it is the oldest university in the country, having been founded in the year 1888. As of today, it offers as many as 16 faculties and a number of departments; these include the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Slavic Studies, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Geology and Geography, and Faculty of Law. It is also associated with a few bodies and organizations such as the Balkan Universities Network and the National Centre of Polar Research. As part of its internationalization process, it has partnered with many European universities such as the Humboldt University of Berlin, TU Dresden, and the University of Geneva.

Faculty of Medicine, is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria. It is one of the esteemed medical schools in Bulgaria with five professional fields.

They are the best in each of their five areas of study which includes Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Health care, and Public health.

The university has over 6000 students both local and international with about 1600 of them coming from other countries. They have over 800 professors and lecturers.

For their study programs with courses taught in English, in order to be admitted, candidates will take an entrance examination that consists of multiple-choice questions in Chemistry and Biology.

The applicants are evaluated by a committee that is appointed by yeah faculty.

Their documents are analyzed and it is worthy to note that applicants must have studied and obtained grades in Biology and Chemistry subjects in secondary school.

2. Sofia Medical University

Sofia Medical University is the oldest medical institution in Bulgaria. The university is accredited with a score of “very good”.

There are more than 11 000 students, and 4100 of them are foreign students. There are 4 faculties, 3 colleges, and 14 university hospitals. You can study medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy in English.

The academic year starts in September and finishes around June. Bulgaria is part of the EU and as a result, all diplomas are valid in the whole European Union.

The annual university fee is the lowest in Europe, especially for medical studies, which makes it very attractive for international students. Nevertheless, the quality of education is excellent, which is proven by the hundreds of famous doctors who have graduated from the university in Sofia.

Each student has the right to study for one semester in the country from the EU, with the Erasmus+

To explore some colleges and universities in Bulgaria, click on the university names below, or visit our Study in Bulgaria page.

6 Top Medical Universities in Bulgaria
6 Top Medical Universities in Bulgaria

3. Pleven Medical University

Pleven Medical University was established under the name of the Higher Medical Institute. It was within the structure of the United Medical Academy in 1974 and became independent in 1990.

By decision of the National Assembly, the Higher Medical Institute changed its name to the Medical University of Pleven. MU – Pleven has highly specialized habilitated lecturers with significant teaching experience.

At Pleven Medical University there is only medicine, which can be studied in English. The whole course is 6 years for a master’s degree.

Students, who are not speaking English very well, can have a preparatory year in learning English.

The professors are very good and they are implementing innovative technics.

Pleven is a very beautiful and clean city. The cost of living is much lower than in Sofia. You can afford much more if you are with a lower budget.

Pleven Medical University has a lot of international students.

The training is in 24 departments and 24 clinics, including sectors and units, by 62 professors and associate professors and by 279 assistants. Many of them are members of national and international scientific and medical societies.

4. Plovdiv Medical University

Plovdiv Medical University was established in 1945 as a Medical Faculty at the University of Plovdiv. The university has changed its name many times over the years. It was first named after the famous Russian scientist, Academician Ivan Pavlov.

Plovdiv Medical University includes the faculties of Medicine, Dental medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, a Department of Languages and Specialized training, a medical college, and a hospital with 2000 beds. Facilities include laboratories, clinics, and units for diagnostics and treatment, research activities, and training of medical and dental students. The Central University Library offers the students 170,000 volumes in many languages, as well as an internet hall and a local net system. The university issues a journal called Folia Medica, which is exchanged with more than 326 specialists from over 54 countries, included in Medline.

5. Varna Medical University

Varna Medical University is among the first members of the Black Sea University Network (BSUN). In 2004, the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) became a full member of the Association of European Universities (EUA). Since 2006, graduate doctors have been receiving a European application for their diploma, valid for their realization in the EU member states.

Varna has been chosen several times as the best city in Bulgaria and is also called the sea capital. The cost for living is cheaper compared to the capital – Sofia.

The tuition fees at Varna Medical University are the same as the ones in Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University.

Varna Medical University is one of the most elite schools in Bulgaria.

6. Stara Zagora – Trakia University

There is a university hospital, where students can develop their knowledge and practical skills.

The tuition fee is 1000 euros cheaper, compared to all other medical universities in Bulgaria.

Stara Zagora is not a big city and the living costs are cheaper compared to the capital- Sofia.

Trakia University website

Trakia University is located at the very center of Bulgaria. It was established in 1995, on the basis of the existing higher schools, by a decision of the 37th National Assembly.

There are more than 1500 international students, because of the high quality of education in medicine and Veterinary Medicine in English. The certificate from Trakia Univeristy are internationally recognized.

Trakia University (TRU) is a state higher school-based in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Areas studied: human and veterinary medicine, pedagogy, agriculture, ecology, economics, engineering and technology, fashion design, social activities, etc.

Trakia University Stara Zagora is very good Bulgaria medical school.

Stara Zagora Medical university offers excellent quality of education, fully in English for Medicine and Veterinary medicine. Stara Zagora University has more than 5 faculties.

6 Top Medical Universities in Bulgaria
6 Top Medical Universities in Bulgaria

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