7 Fun Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria

7 Fun Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria

7 Fun Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria .In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 7 things that you can do while studying in Bulgaria. Learn more about the culture, people, and history of the country.

There are several reasons students choose Bulgaria for their studies. Some of these requirements include low tuition fees and very low living expenses in the country.

The cheap tuition fees of their universities and their very much easier entry requirements and most importantly their internationally recognized degree.

Bulgaria is not only known for its low tuition fees but equally for its high-quality education. Bulgaria is located in the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union.

Why Bulgaria? Four seasons, incredibly beautiful nature, history of the earliest civilizations in Europe, home of the real and original yogurt, rose oil, and Cyrillic alphabet! Bulgaria is a multicultural and modern place that will offer you a wide range of education and leisure. This brief introduction only touches on real Bulgarian magic. To fully know the country, it is necessary to visit. What would be a better reason than study and experience abroad?

1.Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are places where you can get locked in for about one hour and you have to solve tasks, in order to escape. When you are ready with all of the obstacles in your quest you can go out and enjoy freedom once again. Apart from that, you can celebrate your birthday there.

There are many different escape rooms in Sofia. The first one that opened in our city, is called “Dextrophobia“. The one which I personally visited for the first time and I truly recommend is called “Questomania“.

2. Check Out Dance Halls

If you are a student and a fan of dancing, you have to go to one awesome hall. Its name is “VS dance“. You can dance to any style you want. All the teachers are really cool and kind. It’s cheap and also funny.  You only need clean shoes, comfortable clothes, and water. There are different kinds of dances like break, house dance, hip-hop, ladies style and many others. You can go only for one lesson and you will study new steps and will meet many new friends.

To explore some colleges and universities in Bulgaria, click on the university names below, or visit our Study in Bulgaria page.

7 Fun Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria
7 Fun Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria

3.National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture (NDK) is a very nice place for walks and a meeting point for many teenagers. There are all kinds of green paths. In the left part of NDK there’s a library. But it’s stranger than the others. It’s a place where you can drink some hot chocolate, tea or coffee and you can enjoy some nice cookies, while reading your favorite book. Apart from that you can buy a book from there or work on the computer. The name of the library is “Peroto” which in Bulgaria we translate as “The Feather”. Under the Feather there’s a dance stage, where people gather to dance to swing music.

4.Sedmochislenici Church and the Garden in front of the church

One of the  coolest gardens is the garden next to Graf Ignatiev street. Nearby there are lots of bookstores, restaurants and others. In front of the garden there are stalls with fruits and nuts.

In the garden there are bars where you can buy juice, coffee, tea and some snacks. I personally recommend the cafe in the middle of the garden.  Nearby you can also ride your skateboard, rollers, bike or scooter. About the shops you can read more in the following point.

5. “Kokolandia”

Kokolandia” is a rope park. There you can climb on different levels, from 1 to 6. It’s near the Borisova Garden. It’s where you can find a shop for snacks and drinks in case you are hungry or thirsty. Apart from that you can celebrate your birthday there. I did it myself some years ago and it was great fun. Also, not very expensive. The rope park is built on trees but apart from that there is an installation which is called “Tarzan”. It allows you to play on the ground. Last but not least, there are amazing climbing walls. The park is perfect for a warm and sunny day.

6. Cool shops in Sofia

I would like to tell you a bit more about the shops near that garden. One of them is the art library – “Slanchogled”, where they sell different brushes, drawing material and paints. Next to Slanchogled, there’s another cool shop. Its name is “Na Tumno”, which translates as “In the Dark”. There you can find very cool badges, bags, and graffiti sprays. In this neighborhood, there are many more fun shops you have to visit.

7. Sofia’s Borisova Garden/Ice Rinks

A nice way to enjoy the warmer days in Sofia is to visit the park – Borisova Gradina. There you can ride a bike, you can rollerblade or skateboard. There are stalls for corn, popcorn and cotton candy at different places around the park. Besides there’s some games you can enjoy like trampoline jumping and carts.

If you are visiting in winter time – there are several awesome ice rinks in Sofia. One of them is the ice rink – Ariana. It’s open all day and all night. You can hire skates, but if you have your own, you can take them and use them as well. Inside there’s a bar from where you can buy tea, sandwiches, or other snacks and drinks. At the beginning of March, the ice rink closes.

7 Fun Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria
7 Fun Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria

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