Top 6 Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria.

Top 6 Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria

 Top 6 Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria. In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 5 things that you can do while studying in Bulgaria. Learn more about the culture, people, and history of the country.

There are several reasons students choose Bulgaria for their studies. Some of these requirements include low tuition fees and very low living expenses in the country.

The cheap tuition fees of their universities and their very much easier entry requirements and most importantly their internationally recognized degree.

Bulgaria is not only known for its low tuition fees but equally for its high-quality education. Bulgaria is located in the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union.

Why Bulgaria? Four seasons, incredibly beautiful nature, history of the earliest civilizations in Europe, home of the real and original yogurt, rose oil, and Cyrillic alphabet! Bulgaria is a multicultural and modern place that will offer you a wide range of education and leisure. This brief introduction only touches on real Bulgarian magic. To fully know the country, it is necessary to visit. What would be a better reason than study and experience abroad?

1. Get authentic banitsa for breakfast.

Unlike coffee, breakfast, or zakuska in Bulgarian, is often on the go. Just look around, or better yet follow your nose, and you will easily find a “breakfast kiosk” dispensing hot and savory Bulgarian delights for breakfast. Order anything that spikes your interest, but banitsa is a must. Banitsa, although it can have many variations, is most often prepared by layering filo dough with whisked eggs and Bulgarian feta-style cheese, and then baking it in an oven. Pair your piece of this Bulgarian favorite with ayran, a cold yogurt drink, and experience the flavor of a traditional Bulgarian breakfast. 

2. Go on a walking tour of Sofia, Plovdiv, and/or Varna with local students. 

Get to know the city that you will be living in for the next few months, or maybe even a full academic year. In all likelihood, you will be studying in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. But, there is also a good chance that you could be studying abroad in Plovdiv or Varna, the second and third-largest metropolises in the country. What better way to get acquainted with your new home than on foot and in the company of very knowledgeable local guides?! What makes it even better is it won’t cost you a dime, and it will give you a pretty good crash course on your surroundings. From that point forward, it will be entirely up to you to write the story of your own study abroad in Bulgaria. 

To explore some colleges and universities in Bulgaria, click on the university names below, or visit our Study in Bulgaria page.

Top 6 Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria
Top 6 Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria

3. Visit Bulgaria’s archeological sites and treasures. 

After Italy and Greece, Bulgaria is third in Europe on the list of countries with the most archeological sites. The country’s long history has endowed her with ancient architectural marvels, such as the Thracian city of Perperikon and The Thracian Temple Complex at Starosel to name just two. Visit the National Museum of History in Sofia to take a peek at the Panagyurishte Treasure and to learn about the archeological sites that are open for visitors near your study abroad program location.

4. Explore the Black Sea coast.

The entire eastern border of Bulgaria, from the tippy-top to the very bottom, lays on the Black Sea. It is a popular destination with all Bulgarians and hundreds of thousands of international visitors every year. It is no wonder, as the Bulgarian Riviera offers great variety; from picturesque ancient settlements full with history and charm, such as Nessebar and Sozopol, to bright and flashy party resorts, like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Plan to arrive early for your semester studying in Bulgaria to catch the end of the summer season in late August and early September, or leave late in early June when things are just starting to heat up. Experience the Black Sea, a huge part of Bulgarian culture, any way you like: take a sunset boat tour around stunning Sozopol, make a wish on the marble throne of queen Marie in the beautiful gardens of the Balchik castle, or visit the medieval fortress of Kaliakra, where one of the most popular Bulgarian legends still lives and dolphins can easily be spotted in the waters beneath.

5. See the Light and Sound Show at Tsarevets! 

Get on a bus and get out to Veliko Tarnovo, (that is if you are not already living and studying there) and enjoy the Light and Sound Show on the walls of the medieval fortress of Tsarevets. In the Middle Ages during the second Bulgarian kingdom, Veliko Tarnovo was the capital city of Bulgaria, deemed by some as the Third Rome, and served as such until its fall to the Ottoman Empire on July 17th, 1393 after a three-month siege. The Light and Sound Show recreates the end of that siege by reenacting the last battle and final moments of the second Bulgarian kingdom. It is truly an experience you cannot miss!

6. Visit the Rila Monastery.

Often referred to as Bulgaria’s holiest place, the Rila Monastery, is the country’s most visited destination and an architectural feast for the eyes. Located in the heart of the tallest Bulgarian mountain, Rila, it is only a one hour and 45-minute drive from the capital city of Sofia. The Rila Monastery is a perfect day-trip with a healthy dose of breathtaking scenery, historical importance, and an unrivaled sense of spirituality.


Top 6 Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria.
Top 6 Things To Do While Studying in Bulgaria.

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