5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia

5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia

5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia. In today’s article, we will take a look at the ways you can get around the city while studying in Bulgaria. Learn more about the culture, people, and history of the country.

There are several reasons students choose Bulgaria for their studies. Some of these requirements include low tuition fees and very low living expenses in the country.

The cheap tuition fees of their universities and their very much easier entry requirements and most importantly their internationally recognized degree.

Bulgaria is not only known for its low tuition fees but equally for its high-quality education. Bulgaria is located in the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union.

Why Bulgaria? Four seasons, incredibly beautiful nature, history of the earliest civilizations in Europe, home of the real and original yogurt, rose oil, and Cyrillic alphabet! Bulgaria is a multicultural and modern place that will offer you a wide range of education and leisure. This brief introduction only touches on real Bulgarian magic. To fully know the country, it is necessary to visit. What would be a better reason than study and experience abroad?

1.Renting a scooter – BinBin Scooter

You might be familiar with this concept from other cities. Scooters have grown in popularity over the past decade. There are now a couple of companies offering rent-a-scooter services in Sofia. However, we are keen on the Bulgarian micro-mobility startup BinBin. With its user-friendly app and conveniently located scooters around the city, it’s the perfect way to get around the central part of the city and its neighboring areas. Needless to say, they are also quite fun and easy to use without requiring too much physical effort. You can also use them on the bike lanes. Parking zones for scooters are available in various locations in the city center.

5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia
5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia

2. Renting an electric car – Spark

If you happen to prefer the comfort of driving a car, Sofia now has an alternative for you. Renting an electric car spares you a lot of the unpleasant situations and hustle you might end up experiencing if you have your own car in Sofia, such as the issue of always worrying about parking in the central areas (as that’s only allowed for a limited amount of time). All you need is a mobile phone and the Spark app. You can rent the Spark cars for a few minutes or for the whole day. The minimum rent time is 15 minutes. It is not only very convenient but also eco-friendly which is something extremely important.

It will cost you 4.35BGN (around 2.20 EUR). If you prefer to have a Spark car at your disposal for the whole day, that will cost you 50 BGN (around 25 EUR) or 55BGN on weekends. 

To explore some colleges and universities in Bulgaria, click on the university names below, or visit our Study in Bulgaria page.

5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia
5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia

3. Rent a Bike

Of course, renting a bike has been around for much longer than the other to options. However, it’s a must in this “alternative” list. Even though the infrastructure for biking in Sofia is not the best, if you feel confident in your cycling skills, you can also consider this option. There are a couple of companies offering bikes for rent. If you happen to be situated in the center Sofia Bike is your best bet.

4. Uber in Sofia? 

We often get asked about Uber in Sofia. However, we have to disappoint you. Back in 2015 Uber and all Uber-like services were banned in Bulgaria. Until that’s the case you would have to resort to some of the other options.

There is an alternative which is called Maxim and it is great for students! You can check the Maxim App

5. Walking in Sofia

If you are visiting for just a few days to explore the city and are staying in the city center we would highly encourage you to walk. We believe Sofia is best experienced on foot and we would advise you to stick to it unless you have to go somewhere further away, of course.


5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia
5 Alternative Ways For Students to Get Around Sofia

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