Diplomas from Bulgarian Universities

Every diploma and degree obtained in a Bulgarian university is valid and recognized in the whole EU and many countries around the world.

High quality of education

Bulgarian education is worldwide recognised. Proof of its high quality is the hundreds of university graduates who are leaders in their fields of activity throughout the world. Leaving a Bulgarian University grants people the ability to succeed in life.

Standard of living

The advantages include:

Finding the right accommodation is hard no matter which country you are in. Our real estate agents will make sure that you will find the best place for you to stay in. The monthly rents vary starting from roughly €250 onwards. If living alone the rent may be more expensive depending on the area you are living in. Also, if sharing an apartment, the rent will be cheaper and the living space will be greater.

Overheads: Roughly €25 for a sim card and home internet.

Food: Restaurants vary from the top more prestigious restaurant costing you about €20 for a meal to the normal everyday restaurants charging €5.

Transportation: It is extremely cheap;

Taxis will charge you 0,50€ per km. A ticket for public transport costs €0.80 per ride, no matter the distance.

Cinema Tickets: €5 (Remember to use your student I.d for extra discount)

Flights: There are always cheap flights via WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet.

Safety: No ethnic tension, low crime rate.:

Bulgaria is known for its ski centers, beaches and spa resorts with hundreds of affordable hotels. The distances between cities are short in this small but beautiful country, renowned for its nature and great wines.

Rich cultural life

Exhibitions, plays, opera and ballet, European and Hollywood movie premiers will be available for you daily, an open house movie theatre in Plovdiv.


One of the best advantages of Bulgaria is its nature. In this little country, there are- high mountains with ski resorts, hundreds of kilometres of sandy beaches, a lot of world-class spa resorts, founded by the Rome empire.
There is a very old tradition in wine production and you can make a great wine tour around the country and taste typical Bulgarian wine sorts. In general, there are so many things to do in Bulgaria, that you will love this nature.
You will have a lot of options to relax in your free time.

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