Study BA or MBA in Bulgaria

Why apply for MBA or PHD in Bulgaria?

  1. The lowest tuition fees in the whole European Union
  2. Very high quality of education with a lot of practical lessons
  3. Certificated issued from the UK
  4. Internationally recognised certificate
  5. Education, fully in English
  6. Lowest living cost expenses in the whole European Union

What exactly is BA?

BA in Business administration.

What exactly is MBA?

MBA is Master in Business administration

What exactly is a PhD?

PhD comes from a doctoral research degree. Usually, it takes around 3 years. There are a couple of universities in Bulgaria, which offer PhDs in English. They can be done remotely or online.

What does education include?

The focus of the program is on management as the heart of all activities in business. In a sense, it is identical to business. The whole course includes important business disciplines, such as:

– Management theory and practice

– modern and complex methods of operational change

– “virtual business”.

– Computer science

– accounting and financial management

– marketing

– European business environment

– business strategy

– entrepreneurship, small businesses and banking.

Entry requirements for admission to New Bulgarian University, VUZF, Varna University of Management

  1. High school certificate
  2. Eligibility letter from High school
  3. Health certificate
  4. 4 passport photos

How much does it cost to live and study in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is the cheapest country to live in of all European countries. The expenses may vary from 500 to 800 euros per month. This includes accommodation, food and all other possible expenses.

Do you want to study at New Bulgarian University, VUZF or Varna University of Management in Sofia, Bulgaria? Do you want to have a guaranteed entry into New Bulgarian University, VUZF or Varna University of Management in Sofia, Bulgaria?

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New Bulgarian Iniversity

New Bulgarian University is the newest and most modern university in Bulgaria.

It has an excellent campus and excellent class rooms with the newest technical gadgets.

New Bulgarian University is fully accredited university. It has a program with the Sheffield university so all students who graduate will receive a certificate from the British Government.

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