Study Engineering in Bulgaria

Do you want to study at Sofia Technical University? Here are some of the best advantages of the university:

  1. The lowest tuition fees in the whole European Union
  2. Very high quality of education with a lot of practical lessons
  3. Internationally recognized certificate MD
  4. Education, fully in English
  5. Lowest living cost expenses in the whole European Union

Bachelor courses at Sofia Technical University:

  1. Electrical Engineering (in English)
  2. Design and Technologies for Clothing and Textiles (in English)
  3. Mechanical Engineering (in English)
  4. Mechatronic Systems (in English)
  5. Logistics Engineering (in English)
  6. Electronic Engineering (in English)
  7. Automotive electronics (in Bulgarian))
  8. Telecommunications (in English)
  9. Computer Science and Engineering (in English)
  10. Aeronautical Engineering (in English)
  11. Automotive Engineering (in English)
  12. Industrial Management (in English)
  13. Computer Systems and Technologies (in German)
  14. Mechatronics and Information Technology (in German)
  15. Business Informatics (in German)
  16. Industrial Engineering (in English)

Master courses in Sofia Technical University:

  1. Embedded control systems ( English) 
  2. Electrical Engineering ( English) 
  3. Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment (in English)
  4. Design and Technologies for Clothing and Textiles (in English)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (in English )
  6. Mechatronic Systems (in English) 
  7. Computer Science and Engineering (in English) 
  8. Aeronautical Engineering (in English)
  9. Informatics and Software Science (in English)
  10. General Mechanical Engineering (in German)
  11. Computer Systems and Technologies (in German)
  12. Industrial Management (in German)
  13. Business Administration (in German)
  14. Industrial Engineering (in English)
  15. Electronic Management (in English)
  16. Information technology for business management (in English)
  17. Computer Science and Communications – a two-year master’s degree course (in French)
  18. Electronics and Control Engineering – a two-year master’s degree course (in French)
  19. Electrical Engineering – a five-year master’s degree course (in French) with 2 options: • Computer Science and Telecommunications • Electronics and Control Engineering

Study in French in Bulgaria:

  1. Computer science and communications
  2. Electronics and control engineering
  3. Computer science and telecommunication
  4. Electronics and Control Engineering

Study in German in Bulgaria:

  1. General mechanical engineering
  2. Computer systems and technologies
  3. Industrial management
  4. Business administration

What degree do you get from the Technical University in Sofia?

All students who graduate get a certificate for MD – master degree

Technical University in Sofia is the only technical university in the capital of Bulgaria. It is the oldest in the country. There are more than 6000 students. The education can be done in English, German and French. The tuition fee is 4500 Euro per academic year. There is an airport- Sofia Airport, which is the biggest in the country. It has flights from all over the world.

Entry requirements for admission to Technical University in Sofia:

  1. High school certificate with grades from Mathematics, Physics, or Informatics
  2. Eligibility letter from High school
  3. Health certificate
  4. 4 passport photos

How much does it cost to live and study in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is the cheapest country to live in of all European countries. The expenses may vary from 500 to 800 euros per month. This includes accommodation, food, and all other possible expenses.

Do you want to study at Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria? Do you want to be an engineer? Do you want to have a guaranteed entry to any Technical university in Sofia, Bulgaria?

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Technical University Sofia

Technical University Sofia is located in the “Student`s neighborhood”. This is the leading university in the field of nanotechnologies, virtual engineering, renewable resources and many more.

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