Why to study at Sofia Medical University?

Sofia Medical University is the oldest medical institution in Bulgaria. The university is accredited with a score of “very good”.

There are more than 11 000 students, 4100 of them are foreign students. There are 4 faculties, 3 colleges and 14 university hospitals. You can study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in English.

The academic year starts in September and finishes around June. Bulgaria is part of the EU and as a result, all diplomas are valid in the whole European Union.

The annual university fee is the lowest in Europe, especially for medical studies, which makes it very attractive for international students. Nevertheless, the quality of education is excellent, which is proven by the hundreds of famous doctors who have graduated from the university in Sofia.

Each student has the right to study for one semester in the country from the EU, with the Erasmus+.

There is only one date as an entry exam. It will be done online and it consists of test questions in biology, chemistry and English. The duration of the exam is 4 hours.

You can find more information on the university website. Medizinische universität sofia. Bulgarien medizin studieren. Medizinstudium Bulgarien Sofia.

What is the tuition fee for studying medicine, dentistry or pharmacy?

1. Medicine- 9000 euro
2. Dentistry- 9000 euro
3. Pharmacy- 6000 euro
The tuition fee for Sofia Medical University can be paid in two instalments. 50% in September and 50% in February.

What is the duration of the education?

1. Medicine – six years
2. Dentistry – five years
3. Pharmacy – five years

What does the program include?

1. Medicine- the first two years are only pre-clinic study and theory after that comes three years of clinical period. The final year of the course is an internship at the end of which are the state exams.
2. Dentistry- the first two years are only pre-clinic study and theory after that comes three years of clinical period. The last six months of the course is an internship at the end of which are the state exams.
3. Pharmacy- the first two years are focused on theory and on the following comes the laboratory work. The last six months are for internship and after it comes the state exams

How can I transfer to Sofia Medical University?

1. You need to have an academic transcript from your university with all disciplines and credits
2. High school certificate with 12 years of education
3. Medical Certificate

Do I need a VISA for studying in Bulgaria?

1. European citizens do not need a student VISA
2. All NON – European citizens need student VISA type D

Do I have a guarantee that I will be accepted?

Yes, as we are providing all of our students the best possible preparation for the entry exam

What will happen if I do not get accepted?

Our team will do everything possible to sign you in another university

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Medical universities in Bulgaria are located in 5 cities- Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora and Pleven.
Medical university Sofia is the oldest medical college in Bulgaria.

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  • High school leaving certificate
  • Biology and Chemistry grades ( GSCE, A levels, Science )
  • Eligibility letter from the High school
  • Medical Certificate

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