Study in Bulgaria

Studying in Bulgaria and all you need to know about it:

Pre - application

Student registration is a time-consuming process, there are many queues. In many cases, employees do not speak English and conversation is not possible. As our students, we will do whatever it takes to give you time to prepare for the exams.

As our student you will have the following advantages:

– Free consultation with a graduated student

– Online access to examples of entry tests

– We will give you all the answers to your questions so you can make the right decision.

– Personal admission of your documents at the university.

– Intensive course for biology and chemistry

Application support

– Application Preparation

– Personal admission of your documents

– Legalisation

– Translation

– Apostille

– We will show you how to pay all the taxes

– Support with Visa Applications ( if needed )

– We will give you the acceptance letter

– We will help you to pay correctly the semester fee

– You can see the status of your documents online in our platform


Document handling:

– When you choose iGeneration Agency, you can be sure that everything will be done the right way. Every single document will be filled in a correct and timely manner. Paying attention to due dates and communicating with university administrations will cost you time and effort that you can devote elsewhere.

– We will take care of all the administrative procedures so you can have enough time to prepare yourself for the entry test.

Documents registration

– We will offer you a wide range of pre-admission courses that you can enrol to, assist you with the right choice in order for you to be sure that you are well prepared for the entry test.

– As our student, we will do everything so you can have enough time to get prepared for the exam.

Registration for intensive courses:

– In some universities, there is the option for intensive courses. So if you feel that you will need this, we will do the registration for you.


Admission and enrolment:

– When you have been accepted to the university we will register you officially and save you the clumsy procedure and queuing.

On-site introduction:

– After you have been admitted to the university of your choice, our representative will guide you on site – show you what you need and want to know regarding your new educational institution.

City tour

– It is very important to know the city where you will spend most of your time in the next years. Although it is a continuing process, our representative will do his/her best to inform you and show you around.

Finding Accommodation

– The process of finding accommodation is often time- consuming, nerve-taking and exhausting. It can be a bad experience. We will help you to find the right place by offering you the services of a trusted real estate agent, who will be at your disposal and will make sure that the terms and conditions are negotiated in your favour.


Health card

Healthcare in Bulgaria is provided by the National Health Insurance Fund. It is compulsory for all residents to contribute to this fund and is essential for obtaining a National Health Insurance card. The cost of healthcare of individuals is normally split between the state, the employer and the individual.

European nationals are therefore qualified to receive free healthcare from state-owned institutions in Bulgaria. For this, an EHIC (European health insurance card) is required. This card is used by the hospital in the case of claiming payment for treating you, sometimes you may have to pay yourself and reclaim the money afterwards.


The beautiful nature, the multicultural environment, the affordable prices and the great lecturers who are doing the learning process through modern technologies, are the reasons why 99% of the foreign students in Bulgaria rate their stay as “very pleasant”.

European students

There is no need for visa for all European citizens. Every foreign student needs “residence permit”. Of course we will help you for this document.

Non EU Students

All non EU students need to apply for visa D. It is an easy process for which we will fully assist you.


The fees when you study in Bulgaria are much cheaper than in western Europe. They are between 3000 and 8000 euro per year. The payment can be divided into two instalments, one for each semester.

Transfer to Bulgarian university:

iGeneration agency will provide you with full support so you can easily transfer to any Bulgarian university and study in Bulgaria. We will provide you with all the details for the whole process, so you can be calm about your transfer. Also, you will be able to see the stage of your case in our online system portal.


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