Thank you, agency, with your help i had all the time i needed to prepare for my entry exams.

Peter Robinson

I found it very proffesional. I had absolutely no problems with transfering my university. I found your team is very well prepared for all kind of situations.

Amanda Lewis

I was a student in medice in Munich, i had a lot of problems so i transfered to Sofia with absolutelly no problems. You …. helped me alot, thanks for your full support. Now i totally feel at the right place.

Emma Muller

I was very scary, because i am going to start a new life in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which will be very different from Paris. At the end, i can proudly say, that with the help of …. everything went so smoothly that now i am very happy and feel totally cool in this beautifull town.

Marie Aubertin

I want to say thank you , …….you have made everything for me, i had only to learn for the test. I am now officially medical student in Pleven University. I would recommend this uni to everybody. Here is much cheaper that the capital. You can live like a king compared to western Europe. The proffesors are great.

Akshara Bhatt

I am very thankful. You have made everything so easy for me and my family. Thanks for the patience, because my parents can be very annoying.

Theo Athanasiou

I was very well accepted by …… They have done everything possible to sign me for the exam, because i was very late with all the dead lines. Now i am officially student in Medical University Pleven.

Mustafa Aydin

I was very nervous because i have heard only bad things for Easter Europe, but now i know that here people are great and i want to thanks …… for all the afford, because i was very late with my papers and still they managed to sign me in Medical university Plovdiv.

Nils Andersson

I was very suspecious about Bulgaria. I have watched only misery and poverty. When i came in ….. everyone were so polite and smily, that i felt even better here, than in Berlin. ……… helped me with everything from documents to finding apartment, opening bank account, even they helped me with sim card and public transportation card. Danke 🙂

Clarissa Stein

I feel very good and i would like to specially thank ….., because at the last minute they helped me. Now i am student in Medical university in Varna, i feel awesome.

Nikolas Galanis

I am sudent in Technical Universiy in Sofia. Thanks to ………, i was able to have enough time for studing and preparing for my entry exam.

Ahmet Kaya

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