Varna Medical University

Admission at Varna Medical University for the academic 2022- 2023 is open.

All international students, who want to apply for medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy in English at Varna Medical University need to pass an entry exam.

Every candidate needs to register for the entrance exam with the help of iGeneration Agency.

The exam will be conducted online. It will be one exam for medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

The entrance exam will consist of five sections:

  1. Multiple-choice questions
  2. Gap filling questions
  3. Matching questions
  4. True and false questions
  5. Explanations and definitions

The dates for the entrance exam for Varna Medical University for medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy are:







The most frequently asked question is “how to prepare for the entrance exam for Varna Medical University?”

Our professional team will provide you with a question bank of sample questions for the entry exam.

We highly recommend you get in touch with our support team.

Registration for the entry test will be done by our team.

There is an entry exam administration fee, which must be paid to the university bank account.

iGeneration Agency can help every prospective student with the following services:

  1. Document preparation
  2. Full support with legalization and translation of all documents
  3. Personal assistant available 24/7
  4. Personally admitting all documents to the Ministry of Education
  5. Personally admitting the package of documents to the university administration
  6. Full support with the preparation for the entry test
  7. Registration for the entrance exam
  8. Detailed instructions for the entry exam
  9. Announcing the results to the candidate
  10. Personally registering the prospective student at the university
  11. Showing the university to the student
  12. Finding accommodation for the student
  13. Explaining to all prospective students social and cultural life
  14. Full support for all students during their education
  15. Full support for getting transportation card, sim card, etc.
Varna Medical University
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