for the new academic year 2021-2022

iGeneration is here for you! Follow your dreams and build your future with the help from our team of professionals.

We will:

– Give you different options to choose the best university for you

– Guide you through the application and admission process

– Take care of all the paperwork

– Give you access to our online platform so you can oversee the process in real time

– Save you time, money and stress

Here are 3 reasons to study in Bulgaria:

You will receive an internationally valid certificate

Every student, who successfully graduates will receive a certificate. It is recognized in the whole European Union and also internationally. Learn more

You will pay the lowest tuition fees in the whole EU

Bulgarian universities offer the best tuition fees in Europe. Also one of the highest quality of education for the price. Learn more

The lowest cost for living in the whole EU

The living costs in Bulgaria are one the cheapest in Europe Learn more

Choose the best Medical University in Bulgaria:

1. Study medicine
2. Study dentistry
3. Study pharmacy
4. Study veterinary medicine

Choose the best MBA University in Bulgaria:

1. Study MBA
2. Study BA
3. Study Economics
4. Study Finance

Choose the best Technical University in Bulgaria:

1. Study computer systems
2. Computer science
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Informatics and Software science

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