What we do

We Guarantee your admission in your desired university

iGeneration Agency is the best friend for every international student, who wants to study in any university in Bulgaria.

  • We have extensive experience and we have helped hundreds of students to study in Bulgaria. Choosing us to guide you through the whole admission process to secure your university acceptance.

  • As our student, you can take advantage of a free consultation with a graduated student, who will give you advice and share his personal experience.

  • You can contact us at any time regarding your admission and we will do everything so you don’t have to worry if you have any questions or concerns

  • We will give you all the answers to your questions so you can make the right decision.

Full support with preparation of all documents
  • It’s our responsibility to prepare your application for the desired Bulgarian university and personally file your documents with the university.
  • It’s our commitment to collect all required documents and to translate and legalize them in the relevant authorities in Bulgaria.
  • When you choose iGeneration Agency, you can be sure that everything will be done the right way. Every single document will be filled in a correct and timely manner. Paying attention to due dates and communicating with university administrations will cost you the time and effort that you can devote elsewhere.
  • We will take care of all the administrative procedures so you can have enough time to prepare yourself for the entry test.
  • Personal assistant (available 24/7) for admission of papers and answering all of your questions.
Full preparation for entrance exam (if there is such)
  • If there is an entrance exam, we will provide you with full support and examples of entry tests.

  • We will offer you a wide range of pre-admission courses that you can enrol on, assist you with the right choice in order for you to be sure that you are well prepared for the entry test.

  • We can arrange for you to join an intensive course for biology and chemistry, in case you need it.

iGeneration Agency represents every student in front of all educational authorities

Admission and enrolment:

  • With the help of our representatives, you will fill in all documents regarding your admission between you and the university.

  • You can see the status of your documents online on our platform

  • When you have been accepted to the university we will register you officially and save you the clumsy procedure and queuing.

  • We will give you the acceptance letter.

On-site introduction:

  • After you have been admitted to the university of your choice, our representative will guide you on-site – show you what you need and want to know regarding your new educational institution.

  • We will help you to pay correctly the semester fee. The fees when you study in Bulgaria are much cheaper than in Western Europe. They are between 3000 and 8000 euros per year. The payment can be divided into two installments, one for each semester.

Full relocation support in Bulgaria

We are here to assist you with every step, from preparing for your visa to choosing housing options.

Our team is going to help you with the whole relocation process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Residence documents for European and Non-EU Students
  • There is no need for visas for all European citizens. Every foreign student needs a “residence permit”. Of course, we will help you with this document.
  • All non-EU students need to apply for a visa D. It is an easy process for which we will fully assist you.
Finding Accommodation
  • iGeneration Agency is going to help you with the whole relocation process by finding you the best accommodation place near the university, and helping you to make your new home, as comfortable as possible.
  • When you are settled and officially a student of the desired university, our team will help you with: Sim Card, Wi-Fi, Transportation card, Bank account, Residence permit, Paying the tuition fee, Health insurance, Campus and City tour, Cultural and Social Life.
Transfer to Bulgarian university
  • iGeneration agency will provide you with full support so you can easily transfer to any Bulgarian university and study in Bulgaria. We will provide you with all the details for the whole process, so you can be calm about your transfer. Also, you will be able to see the stage of your case in our online system portal.

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