Sofia Forestry University

The University of Forestry Sofia consists of 6 faculties and 30 departments.

The most attractive specialty for foreigners is veterinary medicine in English.

It is located in Sofia, in the students’ neighbourhood.

The University of Forestry Sofia has modern equipment and has had an excellent reputation for almost 100 years.


The LTU is a leading educational and research centre in the field of management and sustainable use of natural resources.

Following the adoption of the Higher Education Act in December 1995, the university introduced a 3-level form of education: “bachelor”, “master” and “doctor”, and a few years later the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS ).

The motto of the university is: “With Bulgarian traditions and European standards in education”. The aim of LTU in the education of students is to create an academic environment in which the emphasis is on values ​​such as professionalism, freedom of speech and thought, humanism, cooperation and tolerance.

For over 90 years the University of Forestry Sofia has been the only university in Bulgaria where specialists in the field of forestry, wood technology and furniture production, furniture engineering design and landscaping (now renamed landscape architecture) are trained. Specialists in ecology and environmental protection, veterinary medicine, agronomy and plant protection, business management and alternative tourism are also trained at LTU.


For more information, you can visit the university website.



Sofia, Bulgaria, Str. Luben Karavelov 9


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