New Bulgarian University

Here is why you should study at New Bulgarian University Sofia, Bulgaria

New Bulgarian University was established on 18 September 1991 with a resolution by the Bulgarian Parliament. The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, which reviews Bulgaria’s higher education teaching, granted NBU maximum accreditation in three consecutive accreditations in 2001, 2006, 2012, and 2019. Since 2004, NBU is an accredited partner of the Open University UK. New...
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University of Sheffield, International Faculty of City College

University of Sheffield ranked within top 100 universities in QS World University Rankings

For another consecutive year, the University of Sheffield, International Faculty of City College has been named one of the best universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2020, reaffirming its position as a leading global university for teaching and research. QS 2020 rankings recognise the University as the 78th best university in the...
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Online education for Sofia Medical University Sofia

The online training at Sofia Medical University is extended until the end of November

By order of the Rector from tomorrow until November 30, 2020, the remote distance learning in e-environment at the Medical University Sofia and, if possible, face-to-face training for practical exercises are extended. The Deans of the faculties should carry out the necessary organizational measures to create a suitable environment and conditions for the continuation of...
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The new mascot of MU-Plovdiv

We would like to introduce the new mascot of MU-Plovdiv, namely, our entertaining owl which is a symbol of wisdom, erudition and knowledge. It already had its memorable showing on the Erasmus day of MU-Plovdiv which took place on 16.10.2020 at the Rowing channel. We are anticipating the upcoming events organised by MU-Plovdiv where our...
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The Fifth International Partnerships Forum of the Medical University of Varna starts on October 8th

On October 8th 2020 at 10:00 am (local time) starts the Vth International Partnerships Forum of the Medical University which has turned into a tradition for our University.Digitalization during times of pandemics has proved to be crucial for the modernization in all fields of public and social life. Therefore, we have chosen the topic “Digitalisation...
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Medical University Sofia

Medical University in Sofia entry exam dates

ПРИЕМ НА ЧУЖДИ ГРАЖДАНИ ЗА СТУДЕНТИ В МЕДИЦИНСКИ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ – СОФИЯ за 2020/ 2021 Прием на лица, граждани на ЕС и ЕИП и Конфедерация Швейцария: 1. Срок за прием на документи: от 15.07.2020 г. до 10.09.2020 г. 2. Провеждане на подготвителни курсове по биология и химия на английски език от преподаватели по биология от МФ...
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Медицински университет – София получи от НАОА оценка 9,56 за срок от 6 години

Националната агенция за оценяване и акредитация официално обяви резултатите от проведената процедура за институционална акредитация на Медицински университет- София. Отново университетът е най-добър от най-добрите. По десетобалната система общата оценка по критериите, дадена на МУ-София за срок от 6 (шест години), е 9,56. Капацитетът на висшето училище също е увеличен и в него вече могат да...
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