Sofia Medical University

Medical University Sofia is the oldest medical institution in Bulgaria. The university is accredited with score “very good”. There are more than 11 000 students, 4100 of them are foreign students. In Sofia Medical University there are 4 faculties, 3 colleges and 14 university hospitals. You can choose from the following disciplines in English:

  • Medicine, which is 6 years and you receive a master degree
  • Dentistry, which is 5 years and a half with masters degree
  • Pharmacy, which is 5 years and a half and with masters degree

The academic year starts from the beginning of October and finishes around June. Bulgaria is part of the EU and as a result, all diplomas are valid in the whole European Union. The annual university fee is the lowest in Europe, especially for medical studies, which makes it very attractive. Nevertheless, the quality of education is excellent, which is proven by the hundreds of famous doctors who have graduated. Each student has the right to study for one semester in the country from the EU, with the Erasmus+. The entrance exam for Medical University Sofia consists of a biology exam and a chemistry exam. The length is four astronomical hours.  

Alongside Sofia University, Sofia Medical University is one of the most elite schools in Bulgaria. You can find more information on the university website.



Sofia, Bulgaria, Str. Luben Karavelov 9


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