How we do it

Our professional team of iGeneration Agency will explain to every candidate absolutely everything which is important for the application process. All prospective students, who want to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy veterinary medicine, MBA, or Ph.D. will be provided with a Free Consultation. You can get in touch with our team from here.

  • When we receive your documents we will translate and legalize them

  • Translation and legalization of the documents are all our responsibility. We will send them to a certified Translation Agency and enter for legalization by the relevant Bulgarian authorities after the translation.

  • We will keep sure that everything with the processes and communication between the authorities runs smoothly and everything happens on time.

Full preparation for entrance exam

  • Our team will assist you with the entrance exam test, and provide you with all the needed study materials and online access to examples of entry tests.

  • In some universities, there is the option for intensive courses. So if you feel that you will need this, we will do the registration for you.

Continuous support and timely response to your inquiries/questions

  • You can always reach us at any time and we will do everything we can to address any issues you may encounter.

  • We will proactively keep in touch with you to make sure you are happy and everything is going smoothly.

iGeneration Agency represents every student in front of all educational authorities

  • We are very responsible, that is why our team will personally enter all of your documents into the university administration and if needed into the Ministry of Education.

  • One of our representatives will personally help you to finalize the documents between you and the university.

  • With our help you will be sure you have paid correctly the semester fee.

Everything you need to relocate to Bulgaria

Visa D/Residence Permit Application

– You can rely on our professional support if you need to obtain a Visa D/Residence Permit. We will guide you through the whole process and help you to fill in all the application forms, which will guarantee your Visa approval.

Accommodation support

– We will help you find the right place to live in Bulgaria. iGeneration Agency promises to advise you what is the most convenient location for you to support you with the communication with landlords (most of them may not speak English).

– The process of finding accommodation is often time-consuming, nerve-taking, and exhausting. It can be a bad experience. We will help you to find the right place by offering you the services of a trusted real estate agent, who will be at your disposal and will make sure that the terms and conditions are negotiated in your favor.

– Once you choose your apartment, we will assist you with the internet and TV services.

Phone and public transport cards

  • We will help you to get a local SIM card with the best tariff according to your personal preferences.

  • We will assist you to get a transport card and take advantage of the public transport.

Bank account

  • We will go to the bank with you to open a bank account and assist you with filling in all the documents (it is quite possible for bank employees not to speak English).

Health card

  • As an international student, you are required to have a health insurance card – we will support you and give you the best price options.

  • Healthcare in Bulgaria is provided by the National Health Insurance Fund. It is compulsory for all residents to contribute to this fund and is essential for obtaining a National Health Insurance card. The cost of healthcare for individuals is normally split between the state, the employer, and the individual.

European nationals are therefore qualified to receive free healthcare from state-owned institutions in Bulgaria. For this, an EHIC (European health insurance card) is required. This card is used by the hospital in the case of claiming payment for treating you, sometimes you may have to pay yourself and reclaim the money afterward.

Local Culture and Social Life

  • We will guide you through the city and show you the main sightseeing in your city. We will share with you how to immerse yourself in the local culture and improve your social life.

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