Why to study at New Bulgarian University ?

New Bulgarian University is the newest and most modern university in Bulgaria.

It has an excellent campus and excellent classrooms with the newest technical gadgets.

The University is fully accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency in Bulgaria.

The certificates from New Bulgarian University are internationally recognized.

The university offers Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. programs in the English language. Ph.D. programs in Bulgaria can be with regular, distance, and online forms of education. All about admission and Ph.D. requirements for New Bulgarian University you can get from our team.

iGeneration Agency will help you to apply successfully to New Bulgarian University.

Bachelor programs in New Bulgarian University:

Anthropology (in English)

Applied Foreign Languages for Administration and Management (in English and a second foreign language)- full-time and distance learning program

Networking technologies (in English)

Philosophy (in English)

Politics and society (in English)

International politics (in French)

Psychology (in English)

Master Programs in New Bulgarian University:

American and British Studies. Comparative Approaches. (in English)

Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archeology (in English)

Brand management (in English)

Cognitive science (in English)

Human Resource Management and Development (in English) – full-time and distance learning program

International business communications (in English)

International Relations and Public Administration (in French)

International Relations and Comparative Politics (in French)

Integral processes in Europe and the post-Soviet area (in Russian)

Management and Economics of Sustainable Development (in English)

Musical Performance (in English)

Southeastern European Studies (in English)

Speech and Language Pathology (in English)

Strategic Leadership (in English)

You can find more information on the university website.

What is the tuition fee for studying in New Bulgarian University?

The tuition fee for New Bulgarian University different for EU and NON- EU candidates.
Bachelor degree- EU candidates – tuition fees are starting from 1100 euro and can go up to 1800 euro per academic year.
Bachelor degree- NON- EU candidates – tuition fees are 3000 euro per academic year.
Master degree – EU candidates – tuition fees are starting from 1350 euro and can go up to 1950 euro per academic year.
Master degree- NON- EU candidates – tuition fees are 3000 euro per academic year.

Is there an entry exam?

Bachelor degree- EU candidates – essay up to 1800 words
Bachelor degree- NON- EU candidates – high school certificate with minimum grades of 62%
Master degree – EU candidates – Bachelor certificate and admission interview
Master degree- NON- EU candidates – Bachelor certificate

What is the duration of the education?

The Bachelor program in New Bulgarian University is 4 years.
The Master program can be one, one and a half and two years.

What does the program include?

New Bulgarian University has 7 Bachelor and 12 Master programs.

How can I transfer to New Bulgarian University?

1. You need to have an academic transcript from your university with all disciplines and credits
2. High school certificate with 12 years of education
3. Medical Certificate

Do I need a VISA for studying in Bulgaria?

1. European citizens do not need a student VISA
2. All NON – European citizens need student VISA type D

Do I have a guarantee that I will be accepted?

Yes, as we are providing the best possible services.

What will happen if I do not get accepted?

Our team will do everything possible to sign you in another university in Bulgaria.


  • High school certificate with 12 years of education
  • Bachelor- EU candidates - essay of 1800 words, Non- EU candidates- 62% high school certificate.
  • Eligibility letter from the school
  • Medical Certificate

iGeneration Agency guarantee that every student will be accepted in the desired discipline.
It is our mission to make every student dream comes true

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