Why to study in Technical University Sofia?

Technical University Sofia is located in the “Student`s neighborhood”. This is the leading university in the field of nanotechnologies, virtual engineering, renewable resources and many more.

The Technical University is in a partnership with the German department for academic transfers. The university provides methodological and educational guidance to 2 secondary technical schools – in Sofia and Pravets. Teachers from the university lead classes in these vocational high schools. Throughout the history of the university, more than 80,000 engineers, economists and mathematicians have received higher education diplomas. Currently, more than 14,000 students, doctoral students, postgraduates, students, including approx. 1000 foreigners. In total, teachers and researchers exceed 1,000 people, of whom over 400 are habilitated. This is also the only university in Bulgaria with “Supercomputer”. In the university, there is a unique atelier for car design, build with the financial help of the Republic of Bulgaria. You can choose the following disciplines in English:

Technical University Sofia website

What is the tuition fee for studying in Technical University Sofia?

The tuition fee for Technical University Sofia is 3000 euro, which can be paid in two instalments.

Is there an entry exam?

No, there is no entry exam. The application is only with documents.
EU candidates – no minimum grade requirement
Non EU candidates – 62% from Mathematics, Informatics or Physics

What is the duration of the education?

The duration for Bachelor program is 4 years and for Master programs it is 5 years

How many programs are in the Technical University Sofia?

There are more than 15 programs in Bachelor and 10 Master programs

How can I transfer to Technical University Sofia?

1. You need to have an academic transcript from your university with all disciplines and credits
2. High school certificate with 12 years of education
3. Medical Certificate

Do I need a VISA for studying in Bulgaria?

1. European citizens do not need a student VISA
2. All NON – European citizens need student VISA type D

Do I have a guarantee that I will be accepted?

Yes, as we are providing all of our students the best possible preparation for the entry exam

What will happen if I do not get accepted?

Our team will do everything possible to sign you in another university


  • High school certificate with 12 years of education
  • EU citizens - marks from Mathematics, Informatics or Physics. Non EU citizens – more than 62% from both subjects
  • Eligibility letter from the school

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