Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022

Do you want to study at Sofia Medical University? Learn more about the university.

The Medical University of Sofia is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria. Founded in 1917, and established by the Decree of His Majesty King Ferdinand, MU-Sofia is one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious educational centers in Bulgaria. Since its inception, over 60,000 specialists have graduated from the institution and gone on to become renowned health providers around the world. The Sofia Medical University is internationally recognized, having four faculties, three colleges, and 14 university hospitals; a source of joy to every one of its students. MU-Sofia currently offers study programs in English for Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy.

Reasons to choose to study at Sofia Medical University?

There are numerous reasons to choose to study at Sofia; here are the most important ones: Apply For Sofia Medical University!

  • The university has four faculties (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health), a medical college, and a College of Medicine.
  • Sofia Medical University is renowned for its revolutionary role in the academic and educational culture in Bulgaria, as well as the rest of Europe.
  • Tuition fees at Sofia Medical University are more affordable compared to other medical universities in Europe.
  • Every year, about 6200 students conduct research and contribute to internationally-recognized scientific work.
  • Direct flights from every corner of the world.
  • Home to many sports facilities; and a host to some renowned international events.

Another good reason: Sofia Medical University offers some of the most affordable study programs in Europe, with tuition fees starting as low as €8,000 per year.

Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022

What are the Study programs & Tuition fees?

Sofia Medical University offers three study programs in English – Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. Students graduate with a Master’s degree. Lectures start in October and finish around June. There are two exam sessions – in January/February (the end of the winter semester) and in June/July (the end of the summer semester). To be considered for admission, applicants must pass an entrance test in Biology, Chemistry, and English. Apply For Sofia Medical University!

  • Medicine in English at Sofia Medical University takes six years and the study program includes internships at hospitals in and around the university campus. The tuition fees are 8000 EUR per academic year and are paid in two installments. Each year there are 300 places available for foreigners who wish to study Medicine in English.
  • Dentistry in English at Sofia Medical University takes five years and a half. The tuition fees are 8000 EUR per academic year. Students pay the first half of the tuition fees at the beginning of the winter semester and the second half – at the beginning of the summer semester. Each year there are 150 places available for international students in Dentistry.
  • Pharmacy in English at Sofia Medical University takes five years. As for tuition fees, students pay 3000 EUR per semester. There are 65 places available to people who wish to study Pharmacy in English.

Apply for Admission? | Sofia Medical University

Every year, Medical University Sofia accepts 400 students into the Medicine-in-English program and 80 students into the Dentistry-in-English program. To study Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy in English at Sofia Medical University, you start by submitting a set of application documents to the University.

These would include an application form; a copy of the diploma, a copy of the Diploma’s marks, a certificate from the secondary school attended, a health certificate issued less than a month before application; a copy of passport and passport photos. Keep in mind, that all documents must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized by relevant authorities.

Please be aware that Sofia Medical University has specific entry requirements. For example applicants in Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy must have completed their secondary education; should have obtained a Diploma/School Leaving Certificate.

Most importantly, Non-EU citizens must have 62% average or above in Chemistry and Biology.

It is important to point out that all applicants must sit an admission test in Chemistry, Biology, and English.

Students are not allowed to retake it and must pass all three subjects to be considered for admission. The exam results are announced online and follow the Bulgarian grading scale (2 – fail, 6 – excellent).


Sofia Medical University | Accreditation?

Sofia Medical University is fully accredited by Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education and Science as well as the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency in Bulgaria. Its diploma is internationally recognized and is valid anywhere in the world.

According to the ten-point scoring system, the overall score according to the criteria given to MU-Sofia for a period of 6 (six years) is 9.56.

The capacity of the higher education institution has also increased and now 10 850 undergraduate and doctoral students are able to study. The official document states that The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency also renders a positive assessment in the subject area of distance learning.

This is another recognition of the quality of education of the oldest medical university in Bulgaria.

Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022



Sofia Medical University Exam Dates?

We are pleased to inform you that the entrance exam dates for Sofia Medical University admission in 2022 have been announced! All applicants must take a Biology, Chemistry, and English entrance exam. The following are important dates:

  • 17 September 2022. This date is for applicants from the EU, EEA, and the Swiss Confederation. The exam results will be out on 20 September 2022. The university ranking will take place on 21 September 2022.
  • 8 October 2022. This date is for applicants from non-EU and EEA countries and the Swiss Confederation /third countries/. The exam results will be out on 10 October 2022.

The start of the academic year is on 24 October 2022. Apply For Sofia Medical University!

Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022
Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022 for medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

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