Transfer to Sofia Medical University

Do you want to transfer to Sofia Medical University?
iGeneration Agency will help with the transfer process. Sofia Medical University accepts transfers for medicine, and transfer for dentistry, and pharmacy courses.

We can help all candidates who are having problems with their universities in Europe or all around the world.
Our company has helped numerous students to continue their education in medicine at Sofia Medical University. iGeneration Agency will help you to prepare your application with the whole package of needed documents. Transfer medicine has never been easier.
The most important document, which is needed for a transfer at Sofia Medical Univerity is the academic transcript. It needs to be legalized, then we will help you to translate it to the Bulgarian language.

All students who want to know if their transfer applications are going to be accepted will need to wait till the end of August when the dean of the faculty will decide if he will accept the students and in which year.
It is not possible to have a decision before the end of August.

iGeneration Agency can guarantee to all transfer students, that their package of documents is going to be perfect and that they will be not be rejected due to any mistakes or missing documents.

In the past we have helped more than 240 transfer students, each one is a unique case, like:

coming from a NON-EU university
coming from an EU university
transfer students who are in their fifth year
transfer students who are in their fourth year
transfer students who are in their third year
transfer students who are in their second year
transfer students who are in their first year

More than 90% of all candidates who want to transfer to study medicine at Sofia Medical University have been accepted successfully due to our professional work.

If you want to do a transfer to Sofia Medical University, please get in touch with our team by sending us your academic transcript to


Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022
Sofia Medical University entry exam dates 2022 for medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

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